Update #5 — Soft Launch! Explode — The Writer’s Environment — Spring 2017 Experiential Network (XN) Project Sponsor — for Northeastern University!


Explode — The Writers Environment


Soft Launch!


Thank you Girl Band of STEMs.   You rock!


“Life is lived forward, but can only be understood backward.” Kierkegaard

Explode — is a platform for curated content in an interactive meta-environment.  The Environment facilitates content and other stories using digital media to redefine how artists, their audience and visitors experience real and virtual content.  Explode is not a ‘mule’ as one follower proffered, with too many components — in a dream too big to bring to fruition. Explode is a spacecraft – and this soft launch is focused on development, functionality, and adjustments before a wider release — that accommodates the Team’s good counsel and the Project Manager’s concerns: security, budget, data backup, thousands of lines of hard coding and tuning using three.js — the best candidate in a 3D environment; node.js for interactivity; an engine to loop data in response to commands; a requirement for different headsets to present the same effects in virtual space, labor demands — every part of the project divided into sub projects — interface, infrastructure, and content, and finally the project needs a whole project team (5-10 people) and technical professionals to build up the spacecraft in a hard launch for product development. This glib paraphrase, to the Girl Band of STEMs dismay — is necessary to protect what Explode want’s to be and how we get there – working backwards.

See prototypes linked below for the conceptual articulation and submergence of the ceiling, walls, and floor of the arcades, the arch, atrium, footprint, and oculus

designed for Explode – The Writers Environment!


Hard Launch Coming in 2018


E Maria Shelton Speller

Project Sponsor


Weiwei “Vivi”Huang

Interface Designer



Tejasvi Kandula



Yingqian “Selina” Jiang

Project Manager

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