Last Thirty Days on Top (Untreated Pin Impressions)*

*Note:  Prose Poem and Literary List (Prosody, Parataxis, Blank Verse, Free Verse, and Found Poetry) based on E Maria Shelton Speller Pinterest Analytics as of June 23, 2018, 10:00 PM (EST), for 15 Muse Boards and 5K Pins.  


[Look at the smile on my face…] _

Five Weak Words_

I’m not Shy_

Be bold_


Elizabeth Taylor RIP_

Beautiful and vibrantly dyed locs_

[Skylar – Look at that face… that stop…]_

[Woodstock! (WIP) {x Bars))) [Reserved][Reserved] 3.0]_

So cool_

Georgia O’Keeffe_

[It takes libido to pen poesy…]_

Kerry Washington_

London’s New Wavers Bow Wow Wow_

[The [Dollhouse] with the Red Corvette]_


Ru Paul_

Madonna takes a look

The Illustration of Hiller Goodspeed_

[the gladiators]_

Women’s UA Essentials_

“Deserve your Dream”  Paz_

[An epic love Iliad]_

Patricia Highsmith_



The Duke and Duchess of Sussex depart Windsor Castle_

“Wisdom lies neither in fixity…” Octavio Paz_

[Savage Villain]_

Incredible Realistic Wood Sculpture_

ArtStation – oo — Nataly_


[Frenzy — The Beacon]_

[What’s your name?]_

[Diana Ross (DR Diar)]_

No Description_

Dreadlock Tube Sock!_

Those Black Boots_

Man and Dog_


Portrait of the Poet Kahlil Gibran_

Butterfly shoulders_

[Nine Ball!]_

Camila Cabello_

theleoisallinthemind: by Nick Lepard_

“Follow Your Passion…” Liz Taylor_

Go Follow @ BlackGirlsVault for more celebration_

Tracee Ellis Ross_

Aldous Huxley: Brave New World_

Stare at this dot until you get an idea_


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