Washington, DC

Bio: Author E Maria Shelton Speller, spent the early part of her career in the United States Air Force; BSFA with honors from Northeastern University; CPM and SSGB George Washington University; member of ZICA Creative Arts and Literary Guild and Boston’s own Zone Poets. Published by Arula Records, “Spoken Live at the Lizard Lounge!”  Featured reader at the Lizard Lounge with the Jeff Robinson Trio, the Cantab, and Squawk Coffeehouse, Cambridge MA; Duomo, Berkeley CA; Carol’s Books, Sacramento CA, Bohemian Cavern, Washington DC; Studio 15, Brentwood MD and has read on Brandies University Radio and the Underground Radio in Cambridge MA. Resides in Washington DC. "I've been inside Giovanni's Room with Yukio Mishima and the Subterraneans, in Dada with Marcel Duchamp, in love always with The Supremes, listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto, Erykah Badu and Bob Dylan's Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie, remembering Edie, Tina Chow, and Miles Davis, reading Camille Paglia's Sexual Personae, Octavio Paz, Toni Morrison, June Jordan, and Raymond Williams again... wondering if Me'Shell Ndege' Ocello can do it again, (Do you think she would do it for the girls in pink - in the trenches?) taken with Rage Against the Machine, poets with bass on their breast-plates and sirens in space..." Explode: Epic Poetry (cover -- Foxy Brown's Fox Boogie (Copyright E Maria Shelton Speller 1997)) 2004, 2.0 “I think women artists begins to pay attention to what people expect from them, as opposed to what they are searching for within themselves. It’s pretty deadly.” Euphonic's, "The Artist" Explode wants to be what William Gibson described in Neuromancer, “A graphic representation of data plugging your consciousness into a digital world and watching the physical realm evaporate.”

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