Girl Band of STEMs

my eyes


She proposed to partner with Stunts! She wants poets to see content — unencumbered.

“I don’t want my audience’s dreams interrupted, with banners and commercials!”

Or, please join my website, to see the imagery — of your interrupted nut!


Girl Band of STEMs, is a lark about a writer, who comments on her own stories. It became metafiction in a digital world. This I would argue. The author writes a story about herself, writing a story about her Band, and the Band knows they’re in the story, about a story that interacts with you.  She writes a story, where her audience is her muse – may demand she change the ending, in an installation we build in space — for dreams, on a loop…


The Band asked me to write tags for my poems. Tags!  Essentially.  Woodstock, was absolute freestyle in a digital world.  It’s an inlet and outlet imploring baby boomers to pass the baton. I worked on it for weeks… and wrote it Live one Saturday afternoon – 500 revisions — at least. Poets know that tick, when found art is everything, everywhere, repurposed.  I changed commas to periods and back again  – metaphors to imagery, slowed it down, sped it up. Reminisced. If you were there on that Saturday afternoon, Woodstock was a subliminal maze — a cyclical storm of word.  I wrote the hook on the 7th Street Bridge.  I could not wait to get home.  Installed [Reserved][Reserved] when I lost my way. Found the beat, marked the spot, and then it looked like a digital art installation, in spite of the implications — for structural functionalism, mash-ups, juxtapositions, channels and pairings… for poesy in space! But, my Muse is pissed…

Copyright 2017 E Maria Shelton Speller  All rights reserved.

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