Last Thirty Days on Top (Untreated Pin Impressions)*

*Note:  Prose Poem and Literary List (Prosody, Parataxis, Blank Verse, Free Verse, and Found Poetry) based on E Maria Shelton Speller Pinterest Analytics as of April 9, 2018, 8:00 PM (EST), for 15 Muse Boards and 4K Pins.  


[Look at the smile on my face…] _

So cool_

Rare Images of Woodstock_

Be bold_


[Skylar – Look at that face… that stop…]_


Ru Paul_

Kerry Washington_

Beautiful and vibrantly dyed locs_

Georgia O’Keeffe_


[An epic love Iliad]_

Five Weak Words_

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Stephen Curry_

Madonna takes a look

Nnenna Agba_

[Fall In!]

[Fall Out!]

[In a Goldsworthy moment, I missed a piece…]_


[SRO… for Trips, Ticks and WIPs of the Purist]_


[Everything informs something]

[Am I awake, or are you a dream?]_

[Si tu m’anandonnes encore… je partirai. Mais je t’aime. Je t’aime à la folie]_

[I changed Apollonia, to Ridiculous]

Kiss her…


[I’m your Renegada]_

An Illustration of Hiller Goodspeed_


Anthony Thornburg

[She thinks Apple is Coke]

[Cyber’s Most Wanted]…

[I am my biggest fan!]_

[Point him out]

[Graffiti Found in Manhattan]_

When famous paintings invade IG

Black Panther_

I love you

[It’s just, Thursday]_

Tomer Hanuka

Ultimate Leather Pants

[Is he right, or left?]_

[It’s your turn in the Coliseum]_

RZA and Yoko Ono Playing Chess_

[You’re upset because I was out of bed…]_

[Look, at the smile on my face]_


[Copyright] 2018 E Maria Shelton Speller