Last Thirty Days on Top (Untreated Pin Impressions)*

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[Look at the smile on my face…] _

Be bold_

[It takes libido to pen poesy…]_


[The [Dollhouse] with the Red Corvette]_

Beautiful and vibrantly dyed locs_

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill — 20th Anniversary Tour_

[Woodstock! (WIP) {x Bars))) [Reserved][Reserved] 3.0]_

Idris Elba_

Georgia O’Keeffe_

So cool_

Ru Paul_

[Skylar – Look at that face… that stop…]_

Marilyn Monroe and James Dean smoking on the balcony_

I’m not Shy_

Kerry Washington_

[Diana Ross (DR Diar)]_

Madonna takes a look

[An epic love Iliad]_


Femme Equilibrium_


Beyonce by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue 2013_

Elizabeth Taylor — Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award_

Anatomically Perfect_

David Bowie_

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Aedrian_

Julius Ma Sneakers_

[Contrapposto Poet]_

My World of Elegance — NYC Fashion Week_

Pigtails and Stunning_

Edie Sedgwick, Steve Shapiro and Warhol_

Five Weak Words_

Floral Vine Octagon Booties_

Andres Velencoso for Trussardi_

Karen Appleton:  “Carry”_

[Purple gloss]_

Louise Bourgeoisie  Seamstress, Mistress, Distress, Stress_

[Mardou Fox]_

Aretha Franklin_



Les Hommes Men’s RTW 2014_

In Life It’s Important to Know When to Stop

The Illustration of Hiller Goodspeed_

Ms. Diana Ross_

London New Wavers Bow Wow Wow_

Her New Tribe_

[I followed them through the Gate of the Majestic One]_

Rain of Ninja Assassin_



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Dada — Lost and Found — Triptych


Doing nothing

and falling

down the same rabbit hole

I would be nosey

like numbers on analytics

Floating lollipops and gummy bears


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On the 48th year since the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — the language for this mash-up, was for the revolutionary icon.

Trench People (TP) Muse Board

When I was nine, and my sister seven, we shared a bedroom in the attic of a Victorian house, in New England.  We loved that pink triangular room, and the imaginary line that equally divided her side and mine, and it was not lost on us, that we were far removed from our extended paternal family, our parents, and the Irish triplets who shared a room of their own — downstairs. 

It was not just the physical detachment, but on the heels of “making believe,” we began to transport each other to fictional realities at bedtime that began with a question, followed by an answer and finally a bidding, “What are you doing?”  “I’m thinking.”  “What are you thinking about?” 

My stories would often begin with something truly extraordinary.  Diana Ross had ten kids in 1964!  She was twenty years old and married to Jorge — the Ebony Fashion Fair model who was the most beautiful man I had ever seen, and one of her children was my fourth grade classmate — a Puerto Rican named, Willie Sanchez.  He told us to call him Willie.  He was so cute!   

Theirs was the perfect family!  Jorge wore gray suede shoes and cardigans advertised in Jet and Ebony magazines, and the children wore clothing from the Alden and Spiegel Catalogs!   Images were accessible and appropriated. The stories epic and uninterrupted — unless clarification was necessary, like “What time do the kids have to go to bed?” 

I loved The Supremes!  In the Sixties, Diana Ross was a delicate and beautiful remix of freedom from ugly restraint.   I could scan a page for her name and find her like code!  Ditty Bop.  I could imitate her voice, her tone, inflection, her vibrato, choreography and her mannerisms! 

In the Summer of 1965, I sang A cappella, “Where Did Our Love Go,” “Stop in the Name of Love,” and “Come See About Me,” on a makeshift stage in our back yard, and became an accidental star with a teenage fan base… but, I just wanted to be left alone to adore her.

Those oral narratives in the dark — were contiguous, on a continuum, interconnected, in medias res. When I think about — Trench People, I wonder what are Angela, Lisa and Nimrod’s musings and who are their muses?  What would they like?  What makes them click?  TP’s Muse board is visible/linked below.  It’s a living, breathing, WIP.  It’s the pink room in the attic all over again!   I wonder how my sister is doing?  I wonder what she’s thinking…



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